Wedding and Married Life

Our wedding was incredible.  Both Friday and Saturday were the best two days of my life, by far.  I have never felt God’s presence more than I did on Saturday during the ceremony.  Every day for months before the wedding we prayed that Christ would be with us that day, leading us.   In the past, weddings that I have attended have been some of the most worshipful experiences of my life.  We prayed that His presence would be felt by every person there, but that most importantly we would feel His blessing on our marriage in a very real way.  We prayed that no stress or anything else would get in the way of this.   God answered these prayers and we are so thankful for it.

I have never felt more loved and supported by my family and friends than I did on Friday and Saturday.  From the toasts on Friday night, to the time in the ceremony when our wedding party prayed over us, to a reception filled with so many great conversations with people we love — we felt encouraged, blessed, and supported.  Lane and I still cannot stop talking about how perfect it all was for us.  Thank you!

With all that said, the honeymoon was incredible as well.   We spent 10 nights in Costa Rica.  I have never in my life felt more relaxed, in love, and disconnected from the rest of the world than I did on this vacation.  For the first 5 days we didn’t make it much further from our room than where the pool/swim up bar was.  It was all inclusive, and it was awesome.  For the second half of the trip, we were in a picturesque volcano/rainforest area.  We got our adventure fix with white water rafting, canopy zip-lining (whatever you’re picturing, it’s even better), hiking up a dormant volcano and swimming in the crater, and visiting hot springs.  The trip was a perfect mix of fun and relaxing.

Since we got home, married life has been great.  I can’t believe it has already been 3 in a half weeks.  This quote from Tim Keller’s book, “The Meaning of Marriage” best sums up what I have felt, “we are largely who we become through making wise promises and keeping them.”  For so long I have fought for what I understood to be my freedom in life and been scared of commitment.  I fought to hold on to what I understood to be my identity.  This seems so ridiculous when I think about the two things that have given me a feeling of freedom more than anything else.   The most freedom I have is found in my commitment to Christ.  That is followed now by my commitment to Lane.  It seems so ironic for freedom to be found in commitment, but this quote explains it so well.   We are truly free when become who God created us to be – first in our salvation, then in our commitments to His will.

Finally, the new job is going amazing.  I will give a detailed updated next week.  I started working pretty much the day I got back from honeymoon, and it has been great.  We have hit the ground running with summer time youth stuff, and I have also continued to focus on raising support.   I can’t wait to tell you more about it all.

Please pray for this summer.  Pray that roots will grow with the kids at the Austin Stone.   Pray also that roots will continue to grow deep in Lane and I’s marriage.



  1. Denise · June 15, 2012

    STAN – I love your Post. I love the part about commitment and the freedom it has brought you. That is like … so cool. I know that you will be a blessing to so many people and that God is going to use you and Lane – I am excited to be with you on your journey and you are in my prayers daily!! Can’t wait to hear more ! Your Numero Uno Fan 🙂

    • standepue · July 4, 2012

      Thanks Mrs. Joseph! I am praying for your family a lot right now. Hope things are well. Miss y’all! Have fun in the Bahamas!

  2. Darlene Abel · June 18, 2012

    Stan I am so happy for you and Lane. We will be praying for you as you start a new part of you life. Congradulations!!!!

    • standepue · July 4, 2012

      Thank you Mema! I am glad you’re keeping up with the blog! It means a lot. Happy 4th!

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