Prayers for Today and Tomorrow

First, I wAnna Leeant to brag on and update you about Anna Lee. It’s been 7 months now since she entered our home, and this little girl is doing amazing. Thank you for your prayers! The most immediate need she had when she came to us was to gain weight.  She wasn’t eating much and had dropped several pounds the months leading up to her coming to our home.  She has gained around 8 pounds since she’s been with us – going from being in the 3 percentile to right at the 50 percentile.  Eating like a champ.  She was also behind in her speech.  Some minimal speech therapy and Lane’s teacher skills have taught her A TON of words. And lastly, she was in desperate need of healthy attachment.  At first she would cling to and hug almost anyone that she’d come in contact with.  Though this seemed great to everyone that met her, she needed parental attachment. She currently has what seems to be a really healthy attachment to both of us, but especially Lane.  Through all the struggles she’s faced and transitions she’s had, it is incredible to see the resilience and signs of health she shows. Though some may seem big and some may seem small, it’s been through all these growths that God continues to give me complete confidence that He is caring for and leading Anna Lee.

“How do you know what your life will be like tomorrow? Your life is like the morning fog – it’s here a little while then it’s gone.”  – James 4:14

God is continuing to teach me more about who He is and where my faith in Him needs to grow.  What I’ve been praying most lately, is that I don’t ever lose the desire or motivation to pray for Anna Lee every day.  As a foster parent, there is a certain fight in you to not take a single day for granted.  I never want to lose this.  Because I don’t know how long Anna Lee will be in our family, there is motivation to ask God daily that His Spirit leads every step of her life. There is a unique inspiration that makes it easy to consistently beg God that there will be a day, whether Lane and I get to see it or not, that Anna Lee will come to know Jesus.  My prayer right now is that if Anna Lee ever becomes a permanent part of our family, that I don’t lose this drive.

It is rare that I think much about Anna Lee’s long-term future.  Where she’ll go to college, what she’ll be involved in at school, or how old she’ll be when she goes on her first date, aren’t questions I think about right now.   Though I know there are benefits to planning, praying, and thinking far down the road, I don’t want to lose the drive to treat every day like there may not be many more.  To find a balance between not taking a day for granted, and getting to have long term hopes and plans is important and difficult.  Prayer for my kids’ lives is an area that I hope I take what I learn as a foster parent and balance it well when long-term vision and goals are more of a reality.  In this season God has taught me to always pray both that the Spirit leads our children’s lives today, and that He gives us clear vision, plans and goals for their future.

This Friday, June 5, Anna Lee will have another court date.  Please continue to pray with us.  Pray that God guides every part of Anna Lee’s life.  Pray that He gives us and everyone involved wisdom on what is best for Anna Lee.  Pray that He continues to give Lane and me peace and trust in Him.  Lastly, pray that He moves through us in truth and love far beyond what we could do on our own.


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