Latest Adoption Status

Morning RoutineAs our case with Anna Lee continues to move forward, confidence is only growing that I am currently fully living out God’s calling for my family.  When we act on our biblical convictions we are ushering in Christ’s light to this world.  Lane and I truly felt conviction to care for the orphan through the specific way of fostering, and God continues to use this journey to draw us closer to Him.  I couldn’t be much more confident that the Christ, the “Light of Life” (Jn 8:12), is leading our way with Anna Lee.  It is sometimes so difficult to act on convictions we have, and I am so thankful that in this case, God has given us the courage and endurance to follow through.  I pray that I remember this and that always gives me boldness to choose His ways for my life over this worlds.

On July 24th Anna Lee’s case officially switched from fostering to foster-to-adopt.  It is required that we are foster-to-adopt parents for 90 days before we can have an official adoption day set.  Until birth mom relinquished rights it was not possible for us to begin this period.  This is one last window for any other family members to step up with interest in adopting Anna Lee.  This 90 days will be up on October 22nd.   At that point no family can step forward.  An official adoption date will be set soon for some time after this date.  As soon as we know this date we will let you know.  Trust me, it is our hope that as many of you can come as possible, and that it is the best celebration we could possibly give Anna Lee.

Anna Lee’s birth mom had one request before she relinquished rights for her daughter.  She asked that we get a P.O. Box so that we can write her and stay in touch without her needing to know our physical address.  We absolutely agreed with this.  Our contact with birth mom throughout this process, though limited, has been extremely important to us.  I want so desperately to see Anna Lee’s birth mom come to know Jesus, and I am excited to keep in touch.  We pray daily that God uses us to minister to her in any way that we can.

Later this week I will be sharing some letters we have written with Anna Lee’s birth mom.  We began writing a couple months ago.  Every letter we’ve received is emotional to read and every letter we write is tough to write.  The first couple of letters were exceptionally hard.  No matter how hard I try, I can’t put myself in birth mom’s shoes.  I can’t begin to know what it feels like to sign away rights to your child.  She also can’t begin to put herself in my shoes.  To adopt a child and completely/unchangeably see her as my daughter is difficult to grasp unless you’ve been through this process.  This made writing the first letters for everyone involved extremely hard.  So, I thought I would give you a glimpse of this part of the journey.  Later this week I’ll post parts of our first letters.  Birth mom’s letter, Lane’s letter, and my letter.  With some things left out for privacy sake, this should be a good glimpse.  Thank you for the continual prayer and support through this process.  I hope these letters will be encouraging for y’all as we continue to go forward.


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